Intimately intricate, intricately intimate. Tip-toeing around your waist, your taste. The puzzle I faced like my word was misplaced. Explicitly implicit, implicitly explicit, 2022

Intimately intricate, intricately intimate
Tip-toeing around your waist, your taste
The puzzle I faced like my word was misplaced
Explicitly implicit, implicitly explicit

Like many of his abstract works, Andrew Agutos accompanies the canvas with the poem that inspired the energy and movement of the painting. This painting is the largest canvas Andrew Agutos has painted in over 10 years. It was made in his first studio in France- in the commune of Colombes. At the end of his residency, Agutos alongside his studio-mates Jomad and Sun.C held an exhibition titled LIQUIDATION TOTALE in the studio's gallery space, including this painting and all of the work they accumulated during their time working there.
  • Oil stick, acrylic on canvas
  • 150 x 190 centimeters
  • Painted by Andrew Agutos in Colombes, FR
  • Signed and dated verso
  • Please contact before purchasing this piece to discuss shipping arrangements