PARIS: LUNE DE MIEL Exhibition by Jomad & Andrew with special guest Sun.C, opening March 10, 2022

LUNE DE MIEL: Collaborative Paintings
with special guest Sun.C
March 10 - 13, 2022 / Opening Reception 6:00pm March 10, 2022
8 Rue Chapon 75003 Paris, FR


LUNE DE MIEL is the first exhibition of collaborative works between painters Jomad and Andrew Agutos. Created over the last year, these canvases take somewhat of a magnified look into the body of large-scale murals they’ve painted together throughout Paris and Europe, all signed JOMAD & ANDREW. Converting from spray-can to paintbrush, the surface and subject become more intimate and intricate.

Jomad’s figurative vocabulary speaks to beauty, enlightenment and symbols of freedom. When immersed in the abstract worlds painted by Andrew Agutos, the overall sentiment of the portraiture is varied. A range of human desires is conveyed from painting to painting. Between the languages of these two artists—the conversation is about optimism, thought, desire, the seen and the cropped out. 

Complementing these topics is a collection of works on paper by fellow artist Sun.C. Strong, circular dabs of paint mimicking the marks of a graffiti paint pen come together as a contemporary form of pointillism. Faces are formed like constellations, aligning with his ongoing practice of mapping the galaxy within the skin of his subjects when painting on walls throughout the city.

Jomad /
Andrew Agutos /
Sun.C /

This exhibition is supported by Museum & Co. 

February 24, 2022